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Ashwater House exists where inspiration meets functionality. Our prime objective is to design spaces that resonate with your personal style, while ensuring they are practical, beautiful, and livable. Our masterful team intertwines your life’s essence with our expert design capabilities to create homes that truly reflect who you are.

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At Ashwater House, our approach is a blend of creativity and ingenuity. We see beyond the normal, bringing innovative design solutions to life, tailored to enhance your living experience.


Our team, comprising of industry veterans, possesses in-depth knowledge and skills about all aspects of home design and mortgage broker Northampton. Our expertise is integral to delivering services that excel in quality and efficiency.


We invest time to understand your unique needs and preferences. Our approach is centred around creating designs that are personal, practical and reflective of your lifestyle, while ensuring a stress-free project journey.


Our process flourishes through collaboration. We value your insights and actively incorporate them into our designs, ensuring the final output is a beautiful co-creation that truly feels like home.

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Interior Design

Reimagine your space with us at Ashwater House. Our dedicated team is ready to infuse your home with elegance that’s as unique as you. Better living begins with great design.

Property Services

From property inspections to complete management, we ease the burdens of property ownership. With our comprehensive services, rest assured your property is ever ready and well-maintained.

Decorating Services

Luxury interior decorators transform your living spaces, be it a homely abode or commercial premise, into artful expressions embodying your style. We merge trends and comfort to create inspiring spaces that shine.

Project Management

We oversee your project from start to finish, assuring smooth execution and timely completion. Entrust us with the details so you can sit back and watch your dream space come alive.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

Ready to take the first step toward designing your dream home or managing your property with ease? Ashwater House is here to guide you through the process, ensure your vision is realized and make the journey enjoyable.

Bring your ideas to life with us!


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